Saturday, February 12

19th Annual Outsider Art Fair

The 19th annual Outsider Art Fair returns to Herald Square this weekend. This exhibition showcases artwork from a diverse group of artists. The “outsiders”—people who live outside conventional cultural and social norms—have created visionary, primitive or intuitive art that speaks volumes and tells many stories, according to coordinator Sandford Smith. Each year the event welcomes back galleries who pioneered outsider art, and this year is no exception. With collections from more than 20 galleries, the artwork at the 2011 Outsider Art Fair is thought-provoking and conversation-inducing.

7 W New York
7 West 34th St.
New York, NY 10001
(212) 777-5218
Saturday 11am - 8pm; Sunday 11am - 6pm
$20 per day, or $35 for a two-day pass

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